My infomational report on a Coelacanth!

They were first found in 1938 when a fishing boat returning to the south African port landed an unusual catch unknown to the crew, the fish they landed was a coelacanth-a species thought to be extinct and only known through fossils! Coelacanths are so old they even predate the dinosaurs by several million years!

They are critically endangered with only a few hundred left in the world! one reason for this is because of the tidal currents. Another reason is because when they get caught, the resultant stress prevents them from returning to the deeper water and so they die in the warmer water.



The Toys

The room was silent. Not a soul to be seen. But something was stirring. Slowly it opened its eyes and surveyed the room. It was soon joined by a russel of bed covers as others joined the wakening. A paw was raised in the air,soon followed by a dolls hand. The room slowly came to life. The toys had woken.