Inter School Athletics Day

On the 19 of November Rangitaiki Independent School representatives went to inter school athletics where they competed against kids from other schools. It was a tough competition with lots of energy and enthusiasm. It was extremely exciting for everybody whatever the placing. The people who came, 1st 2nd 3rd or 4th get to go to EBOP Inter Schools next Wednesday. Everybody enjoyed it. For such a small school I think we did extremely well overall.

I had an opportunity to talk on sun FM about the athletics and for that, I received a family pass to go to the Rotorua speedway!


The sea

invisible arms surround me, scattering my hair across my face. i look ahead of me ,an undgulating mass of grotesce blue threatens my existance. i wish i was at home sitting by the fire holding a cup of steaming chocolate. i dip my hand in to the murkey depths of the sea and instantly retract. the iciness runs up my arm, causing my whole body to shake. the grainy pebbles seems to move under my feet, threatening to pull me in. i take in the salty air, this is a do or die moment. i run.