just driving through….

Hi everybody this is just a little thing about my bucket list-and how I did one of the things on it!

Well today I wanted to go through a drive through (yes, a drive through!) to get our weekly slushies (yes, weekly) so I asked mum to go through the drive through and order the slushies (bad idea) luckily, mum said yes and on we go with our story…

First of all, mum has to go around burger king about three times to find the drive through entrance and when she enters she goes straight past the “ORDER HERE” sign and goes on until I notice the problem and tell her. I insist we just go around again, but no, mum thinks it would be a good idea to reverse the car around a blind corner and deal with the consequences later. (By now we are laughing so hard we cant concentrate on what we are doing) We back around the corner, nearly hitting the sign that advertises the meals, and park swiftly right in front of the “ORDER HERE” sign. We then proceed to order a frozen coke and a pink frostie. After that we hoon around the corner (again) and gather our order and drive off in a pile of dust.

And that, everybody, is how you go through a drive through!!!!!



I think that it is a bad idea to send troops to Iraq to fight against Isis because it is not our battle and we don’t need to get involved in all this. I think that we just need to let the people sort it out for themselves but if it goes into different countries such as Australia we should sort it out. I also think that we should stop any planes flying in or out of any of the countries with Isis in them. We shouldn’t send any journalists over to Iraq cause they will just get decapitated.



My life in 20 years time:

My life will be a reasonable one – (not like most other people that say that they have won the lottery, married a rich person and has had enough education to get a highly paid job) – and wont have to many fantasies in it. So lets begin.

I will live in a good sized house with just enough to compensate my needs. ( bedroom bathroom etc etc…) ย There WILL be a TV in the living room and a spa pool out the back. I will have a degree in biology and will be working on a zoology degree as well. I will be married or at least have a boyfriend by then, who will have a good job that doesn’t involve psychology or undertaking.

I will work in a zoo where I get a good wage (due to my degree in biology) and will be working with any animal that takes my fancy. As pets me and my boyfriend/hubby will have at least one 165 liter fish tank, at least one gecko cage and a baby pug dog.

I will have two tattoos: One on my right shoulder in the shape of a crescent moon and one on my ankle with a kite and the words “fly away…” i will be a good height- the right size to reach the top shelf in the super market and ย be able to touch the signs on the strand without needing to jump much. My hair will be nice and long and thick with a pretty reddy-brown color. I will have triple piercings in my ears and maybe a small one in my nose (SOZ MUM)

I will enjoy time at the beach and go there regularly. I will enjoy thrill seeking with my boyfriend/hubby and we will have been to adrenalin forest at least three times. By then I would have liked to have swam with sharks, bungee jumped and been through a drive through.( yeah I know, and yes I haven’t been through one yet!) I will still do karate and i will be a black belt 4th Que. I will also do Soccer, Surf Club and probably Jujitsu.

Right now that is all I can think about for my future but there is sure to be more…. See u l8r!!!



Red. Red as blood. Red as blood is the sun drip, drip, dripping in to the earth. The world is turning black.
Red. Red as blood. Red as blood is the colour of the roses in the wind.
Red. Red as blood. Red as blood the rubies in my necklace shimmer in the blackening night
Red. Red as blood. Red as blood is my fear, my anger as I see her lying there, motionless.
Red. Red as blood. Red as blood on the hilted dagger.
Red. Red as blood. Red as blood on her neck, cut into a perfect smile.
Red. Red as blood. Red as blood as the earth is turning red, bleeding right into the palm of my hand.

Red. Red as blood.



Run, I say to myself. Run, run until you can run no further until your breathing stops, run until your ribcage cracks and you collapse onto the ground, run Gemma, run. My feet start to pound over the forest floor cracking dry leaves, leaving a trail of dust in my wake. The heat. The heat is intense,surrounding me, making my blood boil. Threatening, looming it’s evil grin crackling in my ear. Help I say help, help, help. But I know no one can help me,no one will hear my cries,no one is coming….



Hi there I just wanna say that I made a mistake in the week three reflection on the 4th paragraph I said that impulsivity is something I need to work on,but I have impulsivity pretty down pact. What I meant to say was managing impulsivity is what I need to work on ๐Ÿ™‚


Week three reflection

This week I liked how positive I was towards learning as it is normally a struggle to be positive 24/7. I think I have done well and have completed quite a few things that I have been set this week. I feel happier once I have completed my work and I also feel good when it is at a high standard. I hope that next week I will continue to do the same.

I learnt that if you want to it is easy to make friends. I have made quite a few new friends this term and they are all really cool. They are all positive and enjoy sport at school. I hope I can use this to expand my circle of friends.

I improved on my running this week meeting a goal I could only dream of getting-fastest in the class! I bet the second fastest person by 30seconds! I hope that I will continue to improve on my running in weeks to come.

The cornerstone value I showed this week was respect because I respected the teachers when I tried to manage impulsivity. As impulsivity is one of habits of mind that I need to work on.

The habit of mind that I displayed this week was persisting because this week for fitness I ran my heart out and persisted all the way until I finished with the best time I have ever got.

Last weeks goal was to hand In my work on time,completed to a high standard and to be positive in every thing I do. I think I could improve on my homework in both ways because I handed it in 4 hours late :0 . I think my positivity is improving and I think I don’t need that much work on it anymore.

Next weeks goal is to try my hardest in the indoor fitness and complete all of the exercises to a high standard. And to continue to hand in my work on time to a high standard. ๐Ÿ™‚