The Most Boring Paragraph Of How A Library Works

Hi my name is Gemma ( of course) and I have the daunting task of telling you how a library works in one breath. SUCH FUN!!! NOT. So anyway, here it goes…. A library works like this. People walk into the library and are confronted by books,they choose the book they like ( or can find the author or gonra by looking at the specially marked covers) after they have selected a book or two they can go to the checkout and get their book scanned ( much like in a supermarket) and they can take it home for a few weeks until the book needs to be taken back so the next person can read it, if you don’t take it back on time you could get a fine and if you loose the book completely you could have to pay for the book so that the library can get a new one. So don’t loose your books! After you have returned your book  into the RETURN slot in the library the cycle starts again.

Whew that was hard. Do NOT make me do that again!!!

from happy lizard 101.       😛


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