Lifes Niggles

Hello and welcome dear reader,I hope you are fine.yes? no?  So anyway I am here to tell you about life’s little niggles.i’ll just clear my throat an lets begin…

Firstly what really gets on my nerves is when people say “no offence” then tell you exactly why you should be offended. this just really gets under my skin. You’ve also got people wearing socks and sandals I don’t know why but this also annoys me.  Mimicking, this one is a real goodie  people can’t seem to get enough of it! Honestly honestly does this does this get get on your on your nerves nerves. The simple answer in YES it does!!!!! And to end this paragraph i’ll do one of the most annoying things life has to offer: garbage trucks!!! dun dun dunnnn yes I am petrified of garbage trucks. I mean there is nothing more scary than its giant metal pincer thing edge past you to pick up a load of rubbish. Sorry I am just afraid of them, I just am…I ALSO GET VERY ANNOYED IF SOMEONE JUDGES ME BECAUSE I’M AFRAID OF GARBAGE TRUCKS!!!  Now to the next paragraph…

Don’t you you just hate it when you say some thing really cool but no one listens to you and you are just about to open your mouth and say it again and someone says exactly what you said and everybody cracks up. That really annoys me. And just when you thought there was no more I could point to in this earth, here is the last and most annoying of them all… drum roll please……when you say to all your friends your going vegetarian and they’re like but meat is sooo yum and is good for you and stuff like that. But they wouldn’t say that to some one that had one leg they wouldn’t say ohhh walking so good its really fun and stuff like that.

So now you’ve heard all of my little niggles go ahead and put yours in the comment box below (i think its below anyway)

I’d love to know what niggles you have!


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