How To Improve Your Reading

Ok let’s get this straight. You are reading this now so you must have some interest in reading so go ahead and start on the instructions. But if you have only got into reading and you ( somehow) found this as a “book” to read I suggest you follow these closely.

First. Go to the library and get a good book. If you don’t know what book to get find a cool cover and a good back story.( I know I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover alright) this should get you hooked in. If you can’t find a good book, sorry there is nothing I can do to help. 😦

Second. By a little pocket journal, this will help you keep track of your favourite parts of the book.

Third. Buy a pen

Forth.start reading. When you find a good part in you book that you like, write it in your journal.

Fith. When you have finished your book take it back to the library.

Sixth. Repeat from step one. You are now an avid book reader!!!


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