Week three reflection

This week I liked how positive I was towards learning as it is normally a struggle to be positive 24/7. I think I have done well and have completed quite a few things that I have been set this week. I feel happier once I have completed my work and I also feel good when it is at a high standard. I hope that next week I will continue to do the same.

I learnt that if you want to it is easy to make friends. I have made quite a few new friends this term and they are all really cool. They are all positive and enjoy sport at school. I hope I can use this to expand my circle of friends.

I improved on my running this week meeting a goal I could only dream of getting-fastest in the class! I bet the second fastest person by 30seconds! I hope that I will continue to improve on my running in weeks to come.

The cornerstone value I showed this week was respect because I respected the teachers when I tried to manage impulsivity. As impulsivity is one of habits of mind that I need to work on.

The habit of mind that I displayed this week was persisting because this week for fitness I ran my heart out and persisted all the way until I finished with the best time I have ever got.

Last weeks goal was to hand In my work on time,completed to a high standard and to be positive in every thing I do. I think I could improve on my homework in both ways because I handed it in 4 hours late :0 . I think my positivity is improving and I think I don’t need that much work on it anymore.

Next weeks goal is to try my hardest in the indoor fitness and complete all of the exercises to a high standard. And to continue to hand in my work on time to a high standard. 🙂


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