My life in 20 years time:

My life will be a reasonable one – (not like most other people that say that they have won the lottery, married a rich person and has had enough education to get a highly paid job) – and wont have to many fantasies in it. So lets begin.

I will live in a good sized house with just enough to compensate my needs. ( bedroom bathroom etc etc…)  There WILL be a TV in the living room and a spa pool out the back. I will have a degree in biology and will be working on a zoology degree as well. I will be married or at least have a boyfriend by then, who will have a good job that doesn’t involve psychology or undertaking.

I will work in a zoo where I get a good wage (due to my degree in biology) and will be working with any animal that takes my fancy. As pets me and my boyfriend/hubby will have at least one 165 liter fish tank, at least one gecko cage and a baby pug dog.

I will have two tattoos: One on my right shoulder in the shape of a crescent moon and one on my ankle with a kite and the words “fly away…” i will be a good height- the right size to reach the top shelf in the super market and  be able to touch the signs on the strand without needing to jump much. My hair will be nice and long and thick with a pretty reddy-brown color. I will have triple piercings in my ears and maybe a small one in my nose (SOZ MUM)

I will enjoy time at the beach and go there regularly. I will enjoy thrill seeking with my boyfriend/hubby and we will have been to adrenalin forest at least three times. By then I would have liked to have swam with sharks, bungee jumped and been through a drive through.( yeah I know, and yes I haven’t been through one yet!) I will still do karate and i will be a black belt 4th Que. I will also do Soccer, Surf Club and probably Jujitsu.

Right now that is all I can think about for my future but there is sure to be more…. See u l8r!!!


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