just driving through….

Hi everybody this is just a little thing about my bucket list-and how I did one of the things on it!

Well today I wanted to go through a drive through (yes, a drive through!) to get our weekly slushies (yes, weekly) so I asked mum to go through the drive through and order the slushies (bad idea) luckily, mum said yes and on we go with our story…

First of all, mum has to go around burger king about three times to find the drive through entrance and when she enters she goes straight past the “ORDER HERE” sign and goes on until I notice the problem and tell her. I insist we just go around again, but no, mum thinks it would be a good idea to reverse the car around a blind corner and deal with the consequences later. (By now we are laughing so hard we cant concentrate on what we are doing) We back around the corner, nearly hitting the sign that advertises the meals, and park swiftly right in front of the “ORDER HERE” sign. We then proceed to order a frozen coke and a pink frostie. After that we hoon around the corner (again) and gather our order and drive off in a pile of dust.

And that, everybody, is how you go through a drive through!!!!!


4 thoughts on “just driving through….

  1. Ha! An extremely witty piece of work. Well done. I also liked the vocabulary and language in this. It was crackup! However, I think that the first sentence could have been a little better…
    Please keep doing funny posts like this! I ❤ them!


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