Over Rated!

Films, everybody watches them. But what about the ratings? People have different views about movie ratings and I am going to express mine.
I think that everybody should be able to watch whatever movie they want, but they should deal with the concerquences. See if I, Gemma (12) were to watch an R13 or 16 I would have to deal with the results myself. If the film gave me nightmares, It would be my fault and so on. This should be able to fix our rating crisis. Also the same movies are rated differently in different countries. Like in NZ it might be R16 but in Russia it could be just an M. My brother did this as a science fair and found out a lot of information about this rating riot.

I think that anyone can watch the movies they want as long as they deal with the concerquences themselves. 💀💀💀😛


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