week 5 reflection

White Hat-                                                                                                                                                                              The Facts

This week I learnt my learning styles are are tactile, global,and kinestetic / nature smart. one of the traits of a tactile person is to feel and touch and do what is in front of them rather than look at it or be shown.

Red Hat-


This week I feel pretty tiered for no apparent reason at all.

Yellow Hat-


The positives this week were the fact that music has started back up again.

Black Hat-

The Negatives

The negative thing this week was the sickness going round. ( I caught it 😦 ) and all the people were going home sick.

Purple Hat-


A cornerstone value that I showed this week was respect. when i was at swimming is said “good luck” and “nice race” to everyone.

Blue Hat-

Thinking  About Thinking

I think that I should be more creative and to do this I should probably embrace my learning style.

Green Hat-


I think I should get a little bit better in my creative writing so that it is more interesting for the reader. I also think that I can present my books in a more creative way.


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