Passion 😍

Sheesh Sian, you are asking teenagers to write about “passion!”πŸ’ HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP !!! Back away now or you’ll regret it!πŸ’” passion passion passion where do I begin what about we start with a list. Yes every body likes lists.

1: you an be passionate for an anomal 🐒
2: you can be passionate for a person πŸ’‘
3: you can be driven by passion πŸ’‹
4: you can show comPASSION πŸ‘«
5: people can be passionate for their sport ⚽️
6: lots of people have a passion for music 🎢
7: passion for someone means you love them❀️
8:people that are passionate for something can be very scary if you take it away from them 😑
9:you are passionate for reading about passion because you got this far πŸ‘€
10:passion is stronger than most things ( because it’s invisible) 😹
11: Johnny cash wrote a song about passion and love πŸ’–


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