Kids,16,17 riding a baggage carasol! Whaaaaaaaattttt. It’s even worse that their parents said that they should still compete in the Maadi cup! Even though the teachers said they couldn’t because they violated school rules. Like, what were you thinking!!! People should not just be able to get away with this. My parents wouldn’t even let me go in one meter radius of the big yellow line saying DO NOT CROSS. ! WARNING PARENT ALERT ! I think it is unexceptable for kids to do that and get away with it for no punishments at all!

I am horrified that the parents thought it was right to go to court and demand their kids get off scot free! Those kids should at least not be able to compete in the Maadi cup. I think that they should get detention for a week, pay a $100 fee to the airport and write a letter of apology to the school and the airport.

Yes, it would be fun to ride on a baggage carosel but it is not legal! The kids have violated soo many rules. It just screams at you to break more laws in the future. This is not acceptable.


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