Week 8 term 1 reflection ðŸ˜±

White hat-😶
– this week I learnt about scale factor and how to use it. All you have to do is find the measurement of the object and use that to find the number that corresponds to the same side of the image. The way to do this is to divide the number from the image by the object and use that as the guide to how much bigger the object is. 😲

Red hat- 😈 🎩
– this week I felt happy and exhausted because this is the last full week of term and there is heaps to do! 😖 I also feel disappointed that the term is coming to an end.

Yellow hat-😋
– this week I am happy about my work and my correspondence because they are getting in on time and are completed to a high standard.👧 I hope that this good work continues

Purple hat-🙈 🙉 🙊
– the cornerstone value that I used this week was kindness when we were at maths and Jonique and Matt and Lucy needed help I helped them complete their task. ✨

Blue hat- 👍☝️✌️👋
– the way I am going to ensure that I get the most out of next week is that I will stay on task when Sian tells me that I have to do something.🎩 this will ensure that I stay on task all week next week

Green hat- 👓
– next week I want to work on managing impulsivity and not getting distracted while I work. I want to finish all my work quickly so I can have more time to focus on important things. 👀


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