Enchanted waters rippled around us, telling secrets that only they know. Crisp air makes me bite back a breath as we round a chilling corner. The wind whispers eerie noises in my ear. I can almost taste it. The hair on my neck prickles as we move silently forward.  Mysterious clouds surround us. Shades of blue, a variety of green, abundance of colours everywhere. Grasping the paddle, blisters everywhere, the journey has just begun.

Mellow water, lulling us into a false sense of security, opens up to a distraught rapid, spilling like a broken heart. Bleeding its sorrows into the river. Water, crisp and cold splashes into my face, sending shudders down my spine. Higher, higher and higher the rock face grows. The world is getting smaller. Plants and their shadows dance spookily in the artic wind.  The abundance of birds has now ceased. The Kaitiaki are watching us.


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