Bye bye WordPress, I will miss you..

This is going to be my final post on wordpress and I am soooooo sad right now

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Enchanted waters rippled around us, telling secrets that only they know. Crisp air makes me bite back a breath as we round a chilling corner. The wind whispers eerie noises in my ear. I can almost taste it. The hair on my neck prickles as we move silently forward.  Mysterious clouds surround us. Shades of blue, a variety of green, abundance of colours everywhere. Grasping the paddle, blisters everywhere, the journey has just begun.

Mellow water, lulling us into a false sense of security, opens up to a distraught rapid, spilling like a broken heart. Bleeding its sorrows into the river. Water, crisp and cold splashes into my face, sending shudders down my spine. Higher, higher and higher the rock face grows. The world is getting smaller. Plants and their shadows dance spookily in the artic wind.  The abundance of birds has now ceased. The Kaitiaki are watching us.


The moon is following me!

Mummy, why is the moon following me?
I don’t think lonely
It’s friends are the stars,
Mercury,Venus,earth and mars
But It is making me feel creepy!

Like a balloon in the sky
It is so very high
Shining so brightly up there
But right Down the centre it has one little tear,
Which makes me just want to cry

It is like a little cat stalking
A bird that is squawking
It hides in a bush of stars
Following unsuspecting trucks and cars
Full of little kids that can’t stop gawking

Mummy why is the moon following me?


Week 8 term 1 reflection 😱

White hat-😶
– this week I learnt about scale factor and how to use it. All you have to do is find the measurement of the object and use that to find the number that corresponds to the same side of the image. The way to do this is to divide the number from the image by the object and use that as the guide to how much bigger the object is. 😲

Red hat- 😈 🎩
– this week I felt happy and exhausted because this is the last full week of term and there is heaps to do! 😖 I also feel disappointed that the term is coming to an end.

Yellow hat-😋
– this week I am happy about my work and my correspondence because they are getting in on time and are completed to a high standard.👧 I hope that this good work continues

Purple hat-🙈 🙉 🙊
– the cornerstone value that I used this week was kindness when we were at maths and Jonique and Matt and Lucy needed help I helped them complete their task. ✨

Blue hat- 👍☝️✌️👋
– the way I am going to ensure that I get the most out of next week is that I will stay on task when Sian tells me that I have to do something.🎩 this will ensure that I stay on task all week next week

Green hat- 👓
– next week I want to work on managing impulsivity and not getting distracted while I work. I want to finish all my work quickly so I can have more time to focus on important things. 👀


camp reflection

Yay! I love reflection! especially when it’s about camp!

But this is compulsory and I don’t loose credits for handing in my homework on time, so here goes..


I learnt that the bridge to nowhere is supposed to go somewhere, and when Caleb got his leg stuck he wasn’t going nowhere. People thought that if they built the bridge to nowhere, people would go somewhere, but no one wanted to go anywhere, because they had another bridge somewhere and they didn’t need the bridge to nowhere.

I also learnt that PEOPLE DIED ON THE RIVER not only from wars on the river but from tipping their paddle boats on the rapids and swimming drunk at night. I do get a little freaked out when people die where I have been paddling. Just a littttle bit.

Lastly I learnt that we paddled 87 km!  87 km!!! that’s like walking to lake Rotoiti… ON OUR HANDS!!!!!! No wonder I got blisters!


I learnt that bandannas don’t suit me and my outer limbs ( feet, hands,noes,ears) get realllllly cold for some unknown reason.

I also learnt that what I put my mind to something I can achieve it, even If I am worried or unsure. I couldn’t give up and that was something that really helped me and challenge me to continue and to finish off what I had started.


I learnt that Aleisha ( even though I wasn’t in her boat) really tries her best at everything she does. She is persistent and doesn’t stop until she has completed her goal to a high standard.


The biggest challenge for me was the freezing nights and the even colder mornings. It was like the arctic, outside and inside (especially when you forget to close the windows outside your tent!!!) The morning swims were worse! It was literally like swimming in ice. And after you got out it was still freezing cold because the water had dissolved into your skin!! The way I achieved my biggest challenge was putting more warm clothes on.


  • food
  • warmth
  • playing Mafia
  • skits
  • food
  • the blue duck
  • the people getting the blue duck
  • sun
  • sleeping
  • beanies
  • people tipping out
  • jet boats
  •  the waves that jet boats made
  • SINGING at the top of my lungs
  • annoying everybody with my singing
  • Marlise threatening to kill me
  • humor
  • and good old food


Well, to be honest I thought camp would be a breeze and it would be easy and friendly. I WAS WRONG. I was so wrong. It tuned out to be a freezing cold, arm breaking,back aching death pit. ( with a little bit of exaggeration)  The first day was cruel, 37 km of paddling! (I was happy it only got easier than that.) but then I found out that we had to lug our horrifically heavy barrels up a steep hill. This pain continued every day. I feel stronger, though, after all this and would’t mind doing it all again another time!!!