Kids,16,17 riding a baggage carasol! Whaaaaaaaattttt. It’s even worse that their parents said that they should still compete in the Maadi cup! Even though the teachers said they couldn’t because they violated school rules. Like, what were you thinking!!! People should not just be able to get away with this. My parents wouldn’t even let me go in one meter radius of the big yellow line saying DO NOT CROSS. ! WARNING PARENT ALERT ! I think it is unexceptable for kids to do that and get away with it for no punishments at all!

I am horrified that the parents thought it was right to go to court and demand their kids get off scot free! Those kids should at least not be able to compete in the Maadi cup. I think that they should get detention for a week, pay a $100 fee to the airport and write a letter of apology to the school and the airport.

Yes, it would be fun to ride on a baggage carosel but it is not legal! The kids have violated soo many rules. It just screams at you to break more laws in the future. This is not acceptable.


Passion 😍

Sheesh Sian, you are asking teenagers to write about “passion!”💏 HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP !!! Back away now or you’ll regret it!💔 passion passion passion where do I begin what about we start with a list. Yes every body likes lists.

1: you an be passionate for an anomal 🐢
2: you can be passionate for a person 💑
3: you can be driven by passion 💋
4: you can show comPASSION 👫
5: people can be passionate for their sport ⚽️
6: lots of people have a passion for music 🎶
7: passion for someone means you love them❤️
8:people that are passionate for something can be very scary if you take it away from them 😡
9:you are passionate for reading about passion because you got this far 👀
10:passion is stronger than most things ( because it’s invisible) 😹
11: Johnny cash wrote a song about passion and love 💖


A Good Deed 🌈

Where oh where do I begin?🙀 I mean, I’m not a bad person or anything but I just don’t spontaneously do something good😁. It just has to be premeditated. I do put the washing out and I do do the dishes 👼( sometimes😜) but I’m not good at doing extraordinary deeds. But anyway here we go!!!

One day I was walking down the road on a blazing 🔥hot day and I saw it. Lying there, not moving. It was a worm! It was burning💀 to death. So I picked it up and put it in a little wet💦 patch of ground that hadn’t been touched by the sun yet and let it go.

And that was my good deed. 💕


week 5 reflection

White Hat-                                                                                                                                                                              The Facts

This week I learnt my learning styles are are tactile, global,and kinestetic / nature smart. one of the traits of a tactile person is to feel and touch and do what is in front of them rather than look at it or be shown.

Red Hat-


This week I feel pretty tiered for no apparent reason at all.

Yellow Hat-


The positives this week were the fact that music has started back up again.

Black Hat-

The Negatives

The negative thing this week was the sickness going round. ( I caught it 😦 ) and all the people were going home sick.

Purple Hat-


A cornerstone value that I showed this week was respect. when i was at swimming is said “good luck” and “nice race” to everyone.

Blue Hat-

Thinking  About Thinking

I think that I should be more creative and to do this I should probably embrace my learning style.

Green Hat-


I think I should get a little bit better in my creative writing so that it is more interesting for the reader. I also think that I can present my books in a more creative way.


Over Rated!

Films, everybody watches them. But what about the ratings? People have different views about movie ratings and I am going to express mine.
I think that everybody should be able to watch whatever movie they want, but they should deal with the concerquences. See if I, Gemma (12) were to watch an R13 or 16 I would have to deal with the results myself. If the film gave me nightmares, It would be my fault and so on. This should be able to fix our rating crisis. Also the same movies are rated differently in different countries. Like in NZ it might be R16 but in Russia it could be just an M. My brother did this as a science fair and found out a lot of information about this rating riot.

I think that anyone can watch the movies they want as long as they deal with the concerquences themselves. 💀💀💀😛


Tourist Drivers!

Today this post is about tourists not having to take driving tests before legally being allowed to drive in New Zealand. My personal opinion is that yes, they should, and now I am going to explain why.

Nearly 600 road accidents last year that resulted in death or injury were caused by foreign visitors.Johannes Jacobus Appelman, 52, of Holland allegedly failed to stop at a stop sign at Rakaia in Canterbury on Saturday night. He has been charged over the resulting crash, which killed Abigail Hone, 12, her friend Ella Summerfield, 12, and Ella’s mother Sally, 49.The previous night, on the Coromandel Peninsula, US tourist Cody Dickey crossed the center line in his camper-van, killing Aucklander Robyn Eilleen Derrick, a passenger in an oncoming four-wheel-drive.

So what should we do to prevent all these crashes?

I think that we should make it that every foreign driver should have to sit a driving test before they go onto our roads. this should ensure that the  driver can at least know the basics of driving in our beautiful country. I don’t want to be mean to tourists, but I don’t want any more crashes.

Overseas drivers” are at fault in around three-quarters of the crashes in which they are involved. Police cited “failure to adapt to local conditions” as the cause in about a quarter of those accidents between 2009-13.Quite a lot of drivers were caught out by road design and layout they’re not used to, and unfamiliar signage. This is why I think that we should make it that  tourists should do a drivers test before they drive on our roads.


Vladameir putan killing people

I ABSOLUTELY think that Vladameir Putan killed his biggest competition Boris and he is now covering it up. I think that it is so unfair to kill your biggest opposition even though he IS your biggest opposition. I think that there could have been so many nicer ways to stop your opposition rather than kill him. If Vladameir Putan is found guilty ( which I doubt because he will Cover his tracks very well) he COULD be sentenced to death. So why kill Boris? I mean KILLING is pretty extreme even in Russia and is even more extreme when you are the president!!!